Unlimited entertainment

Exceptional location, for exceptional guests

You don’t have to go all the way to Las Vegas for a top-class casino, luxurious relaxation and exclusive service. We have all the experiences you need for quality entertainment in one place. Game World has been in the gaming business in Slovakia for 20 years and has always delivered exceptional service in our gaming rooms and casinos, ensuring that our players leave satisfied and happy.


Of course, we can’t miss the world’s most popular card game. Luck or strategy? A bit of both. Skilled dealers and state-of-the-art technology await you at our tournaments and exclusive high-prize poker events!



Luck at our roulette table is certainly rotating. Everyone should try the shiny wheel at least once, because as simple as it is, it’s just as great and exciting as it is in the movies. Put your winning numbers on the board!

1000 games in one place

Experience the real casino experience! Whether it’s roulette, blackjack or the most popular slot games – try your luck!

Modern restaurant in the heart of North Komárom

At FABRICA 22, our master chef and his team will dazzle you with a true culinary experience. Our dishes are inspired by the masterpieces of classic and modern cuisine, which we bring to life with our creative presentation.

Our master chef, the representative of culinary experiences

His cooking techniques include confit, a special method of preparing food that originated in France. The food is cooked slowly and for a long time or fried in fat at low heat. This method makes the meat and vegetables as juicy as they should be. The other technique is the popular Sous-Vide method.


Our bar is open to anyone who would like to enjoy a coffee or a cocktail in an exclusive place for a well-deserved moment of relaxation.

Comfortable accommodation at the Europa Hotel

Our rooms are luxurious spaces, individually designed and furnished with contemporary design furniture, so you can relax in true luxury. For maximum comfort, we have King beds and elegant en-suite bathrooms.

All experiences in one place.

Our rooms are individually designed luxurious spaces, furnished with contemporary design furniture, so you can relax in true luxury.

FABRICA 22 is a modern and creative restaurant, characterized by respect for Hungarian and international culinary traditions, combined with modern technologies.

For a cocktail and long drink served from our iconic drinks trolley, you’ll find our all-day dining restaurant.